I have a weakness/affinity for coffee. I can’t explain it— programmers seem to have this craving for caffeine/nicotine/chocolate that seems totally unreasonable.

Anyway, contrary to popular belief, there isn’t any free coffee here in the office, and I’ve been asking if I could bring a coffee maker (sans beans, to be provided by everyone else). I’ve been told that there was a large Nescafe coffee machine in the old office that never got transferred here. And Nats, our sysad, tells me stories of cutting down on his caffeine intake after his days of drinking three cans of iced coffee bought from the company vendo machine (during the company’s previous incarnation).

So, since there isn’t coffee around in the office, everyone more or less troops to the Country Style Donuts for their daily caffeine fix— heck, all of the counter girls know us by name and face. There’s even a running joke about getting a company account there. Hah.

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