Wherein I write about everything else that might not necessarily fit in the other tags.

  • Podcasts

    Filling my everyday commute with awesome long-form audio content.

  • Public/Private

    Just what exactly am I comfortable sharing online?

  • Nuance

    As I’ve said previously: I try to view things critically, and that means understanding that there are usually shades of gray.

  • Music

    The music I listen to; suggestions welcome.

  • I’ve decided to reconfigure my Emacs environment, and (re-)learn some stuff, in the service of making the most out of my preferred editor.

  • Food

    I love food; it’s one of the things I splurge on, as my girlfriend can attest.

  • Books

    Recommended reading

  • Figuring Out My Voice

    Getting back into the groove of writing is harder than I thought; figuring out my voice is even harder.

  • Hello, World!

    Rebooting the blog. Is this mic on?