Anything and everything about the upkeep of this blog: updates on schedules, layouts, etcetera – usually as an aside from the main content of a post.

  • Celebrating the small wins in life.

  • Why I Write

    There are various reasons for why I write on this blog (even if I’m not as consistent with my schedule sometimes).

  • Vocabulary

    Observations on a shared work vocabulary.

  • Week Two

    The second week: looking for apartments, and observations of weather in Sydney.

  • Firehose

    Diving into the deep end: moving into a new city, and starting a new job.

  • Podcasts

    Filling my everyday commute with awesome long-form audio content.

  • A New Look

    Off-schedule update: I’ve changed the layout/theme!

  • Sensible Commits

    One thing I’ve learned early on is that commit messages are important; it’s the one thing I always read first when reviewing code to understand the context of a particular change.

  • Deadlines

    No one likes deadlines, but I find that having them forces me to get things done.

  • Hello, World!

    Rebooting the blog. Is this mic on?