Posts with code snippets in various (programming) languages.

  • Typing and Types

    My ongoing internal debate on static versus dynamic typing, and all that jazz – or why I still like dynamic typing, even with the benefits of compile-time types.

  • Revisiting my Emacs configuration as a Java almost-IDE, switching to using LSP.

  • Emacs as a Java IDE

    Into the forays of using Emacs as Java almost-IDE.

  • How to create a gRPC in Clojure and build it with Leiningen.

  • Polyglot

    Learning other programming languages is pretty beneficial, even if you don’t write code in those languages everyday.

  • I’ve decided to reconfigure my Emacs environment, and (re-)learn some stuff, in the service of making the most out of my preferred editor.

  • Writing Readable Code

    Reading code is a necessary skill— most of a professional software engineer’s time is spent reading code. But how do you write readable code?

  • Sensible Commits

    One thing I’ve learned early on is that commit messages are important; it’s the one thing I always read first when reviewing code to understand the context of a particular change.

  • Stupid Shell Tricks

    I spend an inordinate amount of time on the terminal, so it makes a lot of sense for me to learn a few shortcuts and tricks and make the terminal comfortable for my use.

  • Workman's Tools

    Thoughts on Emacs and the other tools in my repertoire.