This is my personal blog, wherein I muse about my experiences as a Filipino software developer. I try to discuss the code I write, when possible, as well as bits and pieces of things I’ve learned along the way, as a (for the most part) self-taught working developer who has not had a complete formal computer science education.

I also talk about how I try to balance work and life, and how I fail at adulting. Really.

I used to write a lot more when I was much younger— personal essays and blogs, short stories, etc.— so this is also a way for me to exercise those parts of my brain that have (probably) withered away.

I’ve added some minor analytics and tracking, see here for what exactly I collect (answer: not much).

Finally, (if it isn’t already apparent by this being a personal blog), views expressed here don’t reflect the views of my employer, and are solely my own.


  • What’s with the name, Lizard’s Asylum?

    It’s a long story, tied to a handle I went by when I was younger; I’ve decided to keep it for sentimental reasons

  • Will you be updating regularly?

    Hopefully. I plan to update every Friday evenings, my local time, but as the popular aphorism goes: No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Scratch that, I’m updating every Saturday evening, to give me some breathing room Okay, Sunday it is.

  • Do you have an archive somewhere of your old blog?

    Yes. Cringe away.

  • Wait, aren’t you the child actor?


If you like my writing, feel free to drop me an email. Heck, if you think my writing is vapid and should never have ever been posted online, send me an email too.