• Deadlines

    No one likes deadlines, but I find that having them forces me to get things done.
  • Stupid Shell Tricks

    I spend an inordinate amount of time on the terminal, so it makes a lot of sense for me to learn a few shortcuts and tricks and make the terminal comfortable for my use.
  • Workman's Tools

    Thoughts on Emacs and the other tools in my repertoire.
  • Figuring Out My Voice

    Getting back into the groove of writing is harder than I thought; figuring out my voice is even harder.
  • Design and Entropy

    I've come to realize that a lot of design and architectural decisions are a fight against entropy, and it's a never-ending battle.
  • Freelancing

    Freelancing and consulting work isn't my cup of tea, but I've learned a lot from it.
  • Hello, World!

    Rebooting the blog. Is this mic on?

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