Unfortunately for me, I have this really big problem with bumping into people I know; I mentioned this in a previous post.

I was on my way to meet my mom at Greenbelt when I bumped into a high school classmate of mine, Joanna Gaña. Was a surprise, really. (Then again, it was Makati on a Friday night— of course, I'm bound to bump into people I know). To tell you the truth, it was a pleasant surprise, even if I did get the usual panic attack. (I really have to see a shrink or something about that— it is more than mildly disconcerting).

In a way, when I bump into the online presences of people I know, it is as disconcerting as when I bump into them in real life. I can't explain it. Yahoo! Messenger presence doesn't count— if you're on the buddy list, then your presence is more or less known, and not a surprise. Like I said, can't explain it.

Today, I bumped into several bloggers who I were my classmates from my high school. Quite disconcerting, as I didn't know they blogged. (Good Lord, that sounded... elitist... sort of). My heart started racing as I realized who they were.

My God!, I said to myself. I know these guys! Like some crazed masochist, I started to follow link after intertwingled link, ending up in blogs by other people from high school.

And what did I end up? An adrenalin- and caffeine-drenched body: heart beating wildly, stomach slightly acidic, and fingers trembling. (Maybe it was just the caffeine...)

(Interested psychologists may now try dissecting my psyche.)

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