Unlike the previous earthquake, which I felt, this one passed almost unnoticed. Had it not been for my mom texting me about it, I wouldn’t even have known that an earthquake hit. (For the record, I didn’t feel it because I was on my way home, on a shuttle van running ~60 kph on Macapagal.)

(By the way, it is really scary to feel an earthquake at three in the morning, while in a hospital.)

Not to be an alarmist, but I have some suspicions that there will be another quake, and it’ll be greater than this one. The signs are there— Mount. St. Helens has seen increased activity recently, and it’s on the Ring of Fire around the Pacific plate. (We just happen to also be on the same plate, along the so-called Ring of Fire).

Note that the National Geographic article points to quite recent volcanic activity in Japan.

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