1. While walking to Glorietta from school, what with the transport strike and there being no jeeps, and besides the fact that I like walking, I actually thought it was a weekend.
  2. On my Linux desktop, two apps that weren't supposed to fight over the sound card did and locked up the sound system (i.e. no sound, and no way to kill the processes, as they were blocked on I/O).
  3. On Undernet, I get G-lined, told off that, quote, "G-lined ([0] infected! Advertising infecting web sites. Clean this computer!". On X-Chat. Running Linux. With a very strict firewall. On a side note, Zak also tried connecting to the Undernet, first by connecting directly, then by tunneling to a machine outside the PH netblock. (Apparently, either someone screwed up or a whole slew of IPs got G-lined. For one reason or another. I do believe someone shot himself on the foot.)
  4. I can't stop something on Emacs by the magic 'C-g'.

And to think the week has just started. Good grief.

POSTCRIPT: Got reconnected to the Undernet. Theories abound as to what happened. Apparently *!*@* got G-lined. That's the whole Internet that got G-lined. Undernte's limping back online; some people are claiming it was a typo (but what a typo!), while others claim a stolen IRCop password. I really don't know, and am in no position to say. Sucks though.

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