Well folks, it's been weeks since I last updated with anything substantial (the last entry, YAMQ, doesn't count). It's been a busy month for me so far. I'm back to school, I'm now twenty-three, and I just attended one amazing live jazz performance, among other things.

Last Friday, I hied off to Greenbelt's Expo Exchange with several of my friends to watch and listen to the 3rd Manila Jazz Festival. The bands were hot: three local and two foreign groups, all swinging and all playing what I can most definitely say is jazz. The Jewelmer Jazz band opened up the stage with several ripping swing tunes (well, not quite big band swing, but close enough— they were a seven piece group, with two saxes, trombone, trumpet, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. The band also had someone double on vibes, which was treat to listen to). Then, Subconcept came on, with their mix of blues and rock and roll, but it was all good. Subconcept's guitars hammed it up, really into the music. Amazing, they even did Hawaiian Five-Oh, albeit with a jazz twist. (I have to say, I was impressed that the saxmen of both Subconcept and the Jewelmer Jazz band could handle the big and ballsy baritone— now that's lung power)

One of the highlights of the night for me was the third group, Johnny Alegre's Affinity. Man, they rocked. They did a mean Herbie Hancock, and the changes and transitions were awesome— Messrs Tolentino and Saison just played on the Hancock like it was fun to do so, with Koko Bermejo on drums doing his thing, weaving his rhythm in and out of the melody. Master Johnny Alegre was in fine mettle, leading the band but allowing his men time on the spotlight.

Next came a richly diverse set of players who formed the group Satya. Their music was also richly textured, mixing jazz, R&B, and funk. Their vocalist shined, even singing a Tagalog ballad. Amazing.

The Jamie Oehler's quartet capped off the night. Sayang, I had to leave in the middle of their "Dear Lord", a rendition of one of John Coltrane's ballads from the album of the same name. (My only qualm was their standup bass couldn't be heard well, as it was being drowned out by the other pieces.)

Fun, fun, fun. Hope to be able to attend another live jazz performance soon. I've been told that Subconcept will be playing at the Fete dela Musique on the 18th— hopefully, I can attend.

I've just turned twenty-three last Saturday. Nothing spectacular, just me turning twenty three. ;)

A little over two weeks ago, I had the fortune of cosplaying at U Got Game, a Philippine gaming expo/event. Diane and Clair had been planning to make me a living doll weeks before the event, and I came as Chrono from the SNES game Chrono Trigger. It was an interesting experience, albeit a little strange for me. I might do it again, but don't keep your hopes up. :)

I'm back in school, first term. No news here. :)

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