Because of an abysmal turn of events, I have caught the cold. My throat feels like someone has been rubbing it with sandpaper— or rather, it feels like someone rammed a sanding machine down my throat and put it on high while humming the opening bars to Bohemian Rhapsody. My nose is a frickin’ faucet, with the strange thing being that it seems only one nostril is blocked. Makes me wonder whether this rhinovirus has a cruel sense of humor— yeah, block one of his nasal passages and keep him alive by keeping the other free. Go figure.

Damned weather. (Shakes fist). You will not cow me! I am the great Jan Michael Ibañez! (Thunder and lightning). Hey, where— what— no, no, no, don’t put me in that jacket again… I promise, I’ll be a good boy and —

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ drama. We apologize for the interruption. In the meantime, enjoy the plushies.

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