In bullet points...

  • Katy: Meet Clair, a very good friend of mine. Clair, meet Katy, a fellow writer and lover of caffeine.
  • No, I don't need bribing. Well, I don't need a lot of bribing. :D A Friday evening sounds good, just as long as we don't stay out too late. Book-hunting coupled with sinigang— now that's how you should cap off a stressful week.
  • Oh, and for the interested, you can reach me on Y!M on Yahoo! ID cyberlizard0. Just drop me a note who you are, and I'll be sure to add you. :)
  • Anyone mentioning sinigang again on a comment has to invite me to a sinigang dinner, just as long as it isn't sinigang sa bayabas. :P (Okay, I'm only half-serious about this, but if you do want to invite me to dinner, why not?)

That’ll be all. Must hie off to bed.

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