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1) Has 24fps been to your house/dorm? No.
2) If saito_ichikawa had a superpower, what would it be? I can't say... but I imagine him to be a superhero version of Mr. John Steed from "The Avengers"
3) Have you flirted with sneaker_scandal? Have I? I can't say I have or have not.
4) What is racyredstiletto allergic to? Stupid people. :D
5) Is experimentego an emo? I have no idea. You'll have to ask him.
6) If ckenni was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Me. Hehehe. :D
7) Is eclair your best friend? Close, but not quite. :)
8) How many monkeys could zakame fight at once and win against? Two?
9) Do you have dreamlessness's screenname? Yes
10) How would sable_eminence kill hail_ro? Through a battle of wits-- and sharpness of tongue. (You have to meet both of them to get what I mean.)
11) Is public_class_kc a high school student? No.
12) Would you set up leandrop0x and hail_ro? Hehehe, nope. They can set themselves up though-- they know each other.
13) If dreamlessness took over the world, who would suffer? Everyone?
14) Is spring_sakura popular? With her friends, yes. If you mean "ohmygoshit'sher!" kind of popular, umm, no.
15) Is dreambuilderar friends with dreamlessness? They're perfect strangers to each other.
16) Would saito_ichikawa and trinangpraning look good together? Umm... maybe not.
17) ramblingkvetch's hair color? Brown, last time I saw her.
18) Is freelysaid single? I don't think so... not sure
19) Do you have a crush on freelysaid? Nope.
20) Does eclair smoke? Definitely not.
21) digitaldaydream's eye color? Brown, I guess.
22) What mental disorder does ckenni remind you of? Amnesia.
23) Would ezralyt be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja.
24) What do you agree with kayka about? I can't say...
25) Is paolo143 athletic? Not really.
26) Do leighdejoya and psychobunny go to the same school? Nope.
27) What is dreamlessness's favorite band/artist? I have no clue.
28) Would driver_ng_bayan go out with quirky? Hahaha, maybe, if they met. Maybe.
29) What is sable_eminence's shoe size? I'm guessing a 9.
30) How tall is schatzi? Tall enough.
31) Would you ever date marjerie_rose? No, sorry.
32) Would you wrestle 24fps in jello? Hahahaha, maybe...
33) If ramblingkvetch and perchance were spliced together, what would it be like? Really interesting-- as they both are in IT.
34) Is dysphasic a college student? Not anymore.
35) What animal should semicharmed be combined with? A butterfly.
36) Would you make out with schatzi? Hahaha, secret.
37) Could you see saito_ichikawa and eclair together? Not really. Someone'll get jealous. (Hello, Marcelle)
38) Do you think quirky is hot? Yes.
39) Has sachachua dyed their hair? Nope, not that I know about.
40) If tymeless were hanging off a cliff, what would spring_sakura do? Save her? What else???

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