In no particular order:

  • Aha! moments while coding. There are a few moments which simply transcend all experience where everything in your code just gells, where you suddenly understand how everything should fit. When those moments happen to me, they are powerful and help remind me why I love to code.
  • Being affirmed in what I do. When my work is affirmed, I am affirmed as well. I admit, it is a small weakness of mine— a touch of vanity, of pride. Nonetheless, nakakataba siya ng puso. Ego-stroking isn't something I'd go for all the time, but a little ego-stroking goes a long, long way.
  • Jazz— good, real, live. Forgive me for being cliched, but the energy of a live jazz performance cannot be captured by mere words. You simply have to be there to understand what I mean. And that is why I treasure those few times that I've experienced live jazz.
  • The simple joy of a walk alone. It might be strange for some people, but I do enjoy walks alone, walks deep in thought, walks with myself. It energizes me, keeps me sane. What's more, it gives me the opportunity to look at the world, and look at the world with fresh eyes every day. It helps give me things to think about, to write about.
  • A hot bowl of sinigang shared. Particularly on rainy days, a hot bowl of sinigang is something I wouldn't miss for the world. And it's the quickest way to get on my good side.
  • Solving a thorny puzzle or problem. Connected with my coding moments, being able to solve a thorny puzzle gives me a boost. The thornier the problem, the greater the boost— so to speak. I love puzzles inasmuch as I can solve them.
  • Finishing a good book. Bittersweet in that the journey is much more than the destination, but finishing an especially good book has its rewards. It is as if one has reached the edge of a lookout and being able to see a wide vista spread out in front of you.
  • Being with friends. Although I enjoy solitude and prefer it, the company of one's closest friends cannot be underestimated as a salve to soothe one's troubles. One does not face his problems alone, nor his pains, nor his joys and his triumphs. These are best shared with those who are your shipmates in the boat of life.
  • A simple cup of coffee, my journal, and a pen. I simply can't explain what it means to me to be able to put thoughts to paper.
  • Living life. Life is meant to be lived, and I intend to live it. To hell with failure! The only way that my life becomes an utter failure is if I do not live it.

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