(And Yes, I am Still Alive).

Notably, I’ve grown a year older, I’m still working at one of the best companies to work for, in the Philippines, in my opinion, and I’m still taking pictures. Mostly.

There’s a lot on my mind, actually. I’m not sure whether I should keep this LJ or simply return to lurk mode, but what the hey.

In other news, I bought myself a personal laptop (my previous laptops were all work-assigned). Since I decided I needed something that’ll last me quite a while, and that’ll also be very usable as a development machine, I decided to buy a MacBook Pro. Yes, a MacBook Pro. Admittedly, I’m still an open source guy; the first thing I did to get an inhabitable work environment on it was to download Emacs :)

On the personal front: my body clock is out of whack, yet again. I experimented with doing a detailed log of my activities, and kept a small notebook at hand for several months the last time I had this problem— and I must say, it worked for me at the time. I was able to keep a handle on the times I slept and woke up, and it kept me aware of how much sleep I was actually getting, and how much work I was getting done. I only stopped keeping the log fairly recently, after work suddenly piled up on me and I couldn’t integrate my log-keeping into my workflow. I’ll try it once more, and I’ll probably make it more “sticky”.

That is all, I guess. Until several months from now, or the next post (whichever comes earlier).

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