To be honest, it’s been seven years since I last wrote anything of length, and that was on my LiveJournal, when LiveJournal was Still A Thing, so to say that I’m out of practice is an understatement. I haven’t really written much in the way of essays and blog posts in the intervening years; most of what I’ve written for work and what-not have been technical in nature; this should pose an interesting challenge.


What’ll be the point of this?

I hope to blog regularly this year; I plan to talk more about my experiences as a Filipino software developer — that is, both the technical side and the engineering/management side: code, platforms, systems administration, code review, etcetera. The goal is to share my thoughts on what I think it means being a software developer, from technology and engineering, to balancing work and life. Hopefully, you might pick up something.

So, onwards! (And I do hope I keep a regular schedule).