It has now been two weeks since I arrived in Sydney, and the newness of the experience hasn’t yet worn off. It’s still early for me to have a nuanced opinion of the city – but so far, I like it. I think I’ll enjoy life here.

I’m currently in temporary accomodations, so a chunk of my free time has been spent looking at apartment listings online, and trying to go to apartment inspections. I’ve never really had to do this back in the Philippines, so this is an entirely new experience for me.

Yesterday was spent, mostly, visiting a bunch of apartments that have open viewings, and seeing which ones I’d like to live in. Like I said, it’s a new experience for me to go to some apartment and look at every nook and cranny, to inspect spaces and cabinetry and walls and carpets/floors, etcetera. A few of the flats did catch my eye, and I’m hoping I get approved on those choices. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of opinions about this city: the weather has been really odd, I think: it was nice and warm yesterday, but it was fairly cold today – of course, speaking as someone originally from the tropics. I didn’t need to wear a coat most of yesterday, but it wasn’t Metro Manila-level hot either. Today though was incredibly windy, and the mercury last I checked was in the low teens1.

Anyway, I have nothing much to write about this week, to be honest, as I’m still in the process of settling in. I may or may not move my posting schedule (again), this time to a Sunday, as it seems more appropriate to do it on Sundays.

  1. My thoughts go out to everyone back in the Philippines, especially in Baguio and northern Luzon, what with the onslaught of Typhoon Mangkhut. It’s been tough reading the news, seeing photos and videos of the devastation in the path of the storm. In an earlier draft, I had thought of comparing it to Baguio, hence this footnote. 

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