I’ve been remiss in posting here, and I apologize. I’d like to say it’s because I’m busy – which is true, but not entirely my reason for not posting for the past three weeks: it’s mostly been laziness, to be honest. Also a bit of writer’s block, but I’d like to think that’s just an excuse I’m making to rationalize my lack of preparation.


It’s June, and it’s the start of the winter months on this side of the world. Which is crazy, having lived my entire life in a tropical country where the coldest I’ve ever experienced in its entirety was maybe 9/10°C in Baguio one December evening that one year we celebrated the Christmas/New Year’s break: even then, Baguio in the afternoons isn’t that cold, comparatively speaking, and at noon it can still get pretty warm.

The mercury has moved somewhere in the low teens, occasionally going up in the afternoons (sometimes to 20°C! Imagine that!). Having a coat has been quite helpful – thankfully, one of my earlier purchases back in Manila was a couple, and I did bring a hoodie as well, so I’ve been thankfully warm.

Speaking of warmth, I’ve been having a hard time prying myself loose from my bed in the mornings, where it’s really really nice and warm under the covers.

Admittedly though, although this is my first winter ever, I’d like to think that Sydney won’t get any colder, what with the relatively mild climate. I mean, looking at the weather charts for Melbourne for instance makes me glad it isn’t constantly single-digit temperatures here at night.

That said, I really should buy a space heater for my apartment. One of these days.

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