• I am agnostic. No, not atheistic, agnostic. I currently don't believe in organized religion as such. I don't know whether God/gods/omniscient being(s) exist(s) or not (neither do I deny nor affirm His/their/its existence). I have been educated as a Roman Catholic, and am well aware of the history and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. I go to church on Sundays, both out of habit and out of a desire to reflect, and ponder on the existence of God.
  • I have read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. I have two words for you: It Sucks. I'll probably write a full-blown essay about why Da Vinci Code is fatally flawed. And no, I did not become agnostic after reading it— I was agnostic a long time before that.
  • I am a skeptic, and so hold everything up to my skeptical lens, including supernatural phenomena. There are a thousand and one very natural explanations for 90% of supernatural phenomena; the last 10% might not be explainable now simply because we might not have the data. That said, I am not dismissing the possibility of the reality of these phenomena.
  • Life is infinitely more complex than we believe it is to be— or it is infinitely simpler. Either way, I am a bit of an existentialist: it's up to you to decide which one to believe in.

(I seriously have no idea why I put all of that up.)

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