To say that the past month or so has been a wonderful whirlwind for me would be like saying the universe started off with a bang: pure understatement, and it doesn’t quite describe the impact of it all, and You Simply Had To Be There to really, really understand it. I’m living a semi-charmed life. I attended the first live jazz performance of my life, I got to talk to a real life jazz artist, I am surounded by wonderful friends, I am doing something I love while studying— so on and so forth, including certain events I will perhaps divulge one day.

Of course, certain things have not been to my liking: the school I am currently in sucks rocks and my opinion of it has grown to newer depths (something which I have to rant about one of these days), and I am not yet the person I would want myself to be. But one must take the bad with the good, and one should always strive to ensure that the bad does not overwhelm the good.

However, one thing has been seemingly constant: there have been friends who have shared my life with me. To those friends, I raise my glass.

Life has been simply amazing, and I want to remember this feeling of utter serendipity. I’ll check back on things a month or two from now, and hopefully I’ll still be this happy.

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