This is a really lame update. Okay, maybe it's not that lame...

In any case, this update is brought to you by the letters H and B, and the number 1.

This is me and my cousin Carlo. Note that this was taken at two in the morning after a round of beers. Note what Carlo's holding.

Is that a clipper, or are you just happy to see me?

A few more posing shots.

Evil intent
Evil jaw

A few in the audience must know what's going to happen next... Right? Right? C'mon, you're expecting it.

Snip! And so it begins
Sadako impression
Man, he's having *too* much fun

I confess: this somewhat impromptu haircut wasn't really impromptu. My other cousin Ed (who took the pictures seen here) just arrived from New Jersey the other day, and he has even longer hair (almost waist length— and he's slightly taller than six feet). I promised Carlo, after much prodding as he really wanted to use the clippers, that I'd get my hair cut after Ed sees it. My year-long experiment with long hair just had to end.

Besides, the maintenance hassle of having long hair was too much for me.

This just looks... wrong. No, I'm not shedding.

You'll have to excuse the lighting.

Slightly pissed at the camera man.

As you can see, my two cousins just had to torture me.

Half-shorn. Fugly.

And man... hard to believe I had that much hair. Carlo quipped, "ang kapal ng buhok mo, grabe." If this was a shampoo commercial, you'd expect the prerequisite hair flip. Hah.

Hair. Lots of it.

Carlo was simply itching to use the damned clippers he bought when they visited Ed in NJ. Hence the planned impromptu haircut.

Evil, evil cousin.

They actually joked that they'd leave me with this particular 'do.

Weird. Worse than a mullet.

Man, I have a huge bald spot. And I can't explain the weird hair in this pic.

Yeah, skin and bones. Sue me.

I guess it's the shock. Yeah, that's it, shock. Hence the expression. (Mental note: blame Carlo for the impression of a Jedi padawan's lock)

Master Yoda says: Hair gone is now.

Thankfully, that lock was trimmed.

And yeah, too much hair. Pfft.

We should have made a wig out of my hair, y'know.

Cleaning up. Was really itchy when I got home. Must be allergic to my own hair. *shrug*


Scary. Evil. Hmm... does that say anything about me? I mean, he is my cousin after all. Hahahaha.

If you see this guy, run away. Run far away.

And so, I'm back to having no hair (almost). Carlo still wants to trim it down. He gave me a one (uno), which means I have a thin layer of fuzz on my head. He's itching to correct that and give me a zero— almost no hair. Hah. No way, Jose.

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