Yes, I haven't updated in months, and what do I do when I first update?

I post a freakin' meme. Good grief. :)

In any case, here are twenty random facts about myself. (In a past life, I once answered a similar meme (warning: Friends-only Post)). No, you will not be tagged.

  1. I'm currently busy with real life— and that includes finishing school. Blech.
  2. If you already didn't know, I absolutely love sinigang.
  3. I am a little shy over 5'7", and am underweight, tipping the scales at 120 lbs. However, I have a tendency to eat like there's no tomorrow.
  4. I prefer walking to taking a PhP 7.50 jeepney ride.
  5. My alcoholic drink of choice is a Long Island Tea.
  6. My cold, non-alcoholic drink of choice is Dr. Pepper, if available.
  7. Yes, I like coffee. Coffee is good. Coffee is teh sex.
  8. I have fond memories of the Pearl Drive Cinnzeo branch— I once sat down with a friend and consumed 6 or 8 cups of coffee— because they were offering free refills. Yes, my memory of just how many cups is hazy. Sue me.
  9. In high school, a computer science teacher gave me a nickname patterned after a particularly famous computer businessman. Don't ask.
  10. I dislike ube jam, quail eggs, and sinigang sa bayabas.
  11. I have never been anywhere in the Philippines outside of Luzon, but have been to Hong Kong and the US.
  12. I saw a copy of Satre's Being and Nothingness in the UA&P library and was in fact tempted to borrow the copy and actually read it out of sheer masochism.
  13. I can never picture myself as being married, for some reason
  14. I have an affinity for quotes
  15. I am a geek and, hell, I'm proud of it. Hell, yeah!
  16. This list was done while helping fellow users in an Internet shop I frequent.
  17. I occasionally sleep in my underwear.
  18. Booksale and Books for Less are two shops I frequent. I have to occasionally dig through the romance novels though...
  19. Only my relatives call me by my second name, Michael. Everyone else calls me by my nickname, JM. However, if I catch you calling me Michael or Mike, I will cringe, wince, and probably glare.
  20. I have a tough time keeping to schedules.

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