Administrivia: New Look

So, as you can see, I’ve updated the look of my own blog, something I wish I did before starting out, to be honest — but, here we are, and I’m pretty happy so far with it. There are a bunch of things I’m still tweaking, like the font size and some of the bits and bobs of the layout. Drop me a note and tell me what you think of it — or maybe help out with the theme!

Past Stuff

So the whole theme I picked out off the one of the earliest incarnations of my blog, and to be honest, I look back quite fondly at some of those entries, even if I am positively cringeing at the lot. What naïveté, and yet what hubris in what I’ve written!

Yeah, I think I still have some of that here, honestly.

It’s also a bit startling to see how a lot of the things that annoyed me in college still annoy me now, and to see that the politics of the Philippines hasn’t changed that much, with some exceptions, admittedly— I never thought automated elections would ever happen! I would have thought that the past would be a different place than the present, but then, 2001 is still not yet that far behind.

It’s still fun though to look back at my early adulthood though.

I’m also slowly going through the junk that are my old files, to see what else I can post— old projects and source code in particular.

I guess all of this is my way to understand myself: to put some of these things in the spotlight; even if I do cringe at things I wish I never wrote or said, they’re still me, and I still have to understand and deal with that part of me.

There’s also my thinking that there are a lot of things worth learning from the past, that looking at the past is useful even amidst the nostalgia. Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it, as Santayana is oft-quoted: so why not put it all out there and learn from my own mistakes, mishaps?

Share in the cringe.

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